A Treasure of Wisdom for Grandchildren

We all know that if people can learn anything at all, they will learn by experience. The knowledge gained directly through rewards, bruises, and bare escapes probably form the strongest part of the foundation of how we perceive the world. However, and most likely, fortunately, we cannot learn all that we need first hand. Therefore there must be efficient and judicious ways to pass on vital information. We refer, of course, to that which aids survival and not the luxury of academics.

Now I suppose that a parent could hand down a list of dos and don’ts. But how effective would that be? What we seem do try to do instead is to pass on our own experiences not by lecture, but by story. This recounting of past events can create at least an indirect experience for the listener that, with empathy and imagination, approaches reality. Clever or inaccurate rascals that we are, we find that purposefully emphasized or embellished facts may serve better to transmit our point. And, taking the logic one step further, we may find that fabricated facts may be even more useful, more powerful, and more beautiful.

Hence, we are a species of storytellers and story-lovers. Fairytales, fables, history, biographies, Dick and Jane, scriptural mythology, romances, plays, epics, jokes, profound literature, yarns, and even lies are all variations on the same theme; disseminate a perception and influence the world downstream. Our world is defined by stories, from personal anecdotes to collective beliefs. Every great movement and every genocide has a story at its origin. Populations can be swept along in a story’s momentum, or a soul inspired by its depth. Therefore, may your stories be wise, compassionate, and useful so that you and yours may be the same.
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Fables Found

A Treasure of Wisdom for Grandchildren

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About Fables Found

What is your favorite childhood fable? You may remember stories that concluded with an insightful moral based on life’s common teachings such as, “slow and steady wins the race.”

This book of fables follows in the age-old tradition of using fascinating animal behavior to illuminate the timelesslessons to our younger generations, so they themselves can grow to be wise grandparents.

In delightful style, each fable is preceded by a poem. The stage is then set in an alternate location; however, always founded on a conversation between a grandparent and grandchild.

We have been informed and formed by numerous symbolic myths and legends. They are wonderful tools for us to pass on the values, standards, and truths, we consider essential in our lives and for the growth of our offspring.

In this traditional manner of parables handed down from cultures around the world, we tell of our observations andexperience to plant ideas and principles worthy of cultivation.

May all creatures find happiness.

Author of Fables Found

L. Devar


The author is an old guy and a great-grandparent living in Southern California. He really likes fables and ice cream a lot.
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